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Outline of the birthday girl's special day

Princess This party begins with the guest of honor entering the wardrobe room to select the dress, shoes, jewelry and gloves she will wear for her Mad Hatter Tea Party. The maids assisting her will do her makeup, she will then select her tiara and wand which will complete her look. Her maid will then introduce her to her guests (who are waiting in the parlor) as "Her Majesty".

Her guests will then enter the wardrobe room two at a time to select their outfits and have their hair and makeup attended to until all are transformed into beautiful young ladies. When all are ready, the tea party begins!

Her Majesty and her guests will be formally seated at their table which has a lace tablecloth, linen napkins, china and silver place settings and has been decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme. (playing cards, teacups, teapots, roses, mushrooms, and moss to name a few of the decorations).

Alice or the Mad Hatter (Her Majesty's choice) will host the 2 hour Mad Hatter Party by giving the etiquette lesson, singing a couple of songs, interacting with "Her Majesty" and her guests throughout the party, posing for photographs, and even helping serve the tea service; which consists of unlimited finger sandwiches, unlimited beverages and a double layer cake.

As the tea service is concluded, Alice or the Mad Hatter (whichever "Her Majesty" has chosen to host the party) will bring the cake into the party room with candles lit, everyone will sing happy birthday or unbirthday (whichever applies) to "Her Majesty", who will blow out the candles, the cake will be enjoyed, gifts opened (including the gift from Mrs. Potts) and admired by all, the gift registry book will be filled in by a maid, final thank you's will be said, a last happy birthday or unbirthday will be wished, then off to the wardrobe room for a quick change back into the girls who entered this "Wonderland" just a few hours earlier!

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