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Outline of the birthday girl's special day

The party will begin with your favorite Princess greeting you and your guests. Face painting is done for all children.The Princess and a maid will pass out wands and tiaras for all to wear and keep (appropriate gifts for boys). Several fun games are played, and prizes are given to the winners, but everyone gets something just for playing.

The Birthday Girl will sit in a Throne Chair at the head of the table set with princess plates, cups, and flatware. Finger sandwiches will be served on tiered stands and beverages will be served from china teapots. The Princess will read stories the birthday girl chooses. The Princess will bring out the cake and we will all sing "Happy Birthday". Presents will be opened, gift registry book filled in, and the maids will organize gifts for easy transportation. The Princess will give the birthday girl her special gift. An opportunity to take photos with the Princess is offered to capture this special time at Mrs. Potts Tea Party. The Princess will then sing her special song for the children, which signals the end of the party.

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