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Outline of the Troop's party

We love to host Girl Scout Troop Parties at Mrs. Potts Tea Party. Dress up is a big part of what we do for the girls. They can choose from over 200 dresses, hats, hairpieces, gloves, and jewelry. The crowning accessory is just that, a jeweled tiara! Each girl will select the tiara of her choice for the finishing touch to her outfit. Our English maids help the girls from start to finish, including doing their hair and applying their makeup. When all the girls are dressed, they are formally seated at the table and an etiquette lesson is given. At these parties, we can broaden the etiquette lesson and go into greater detail on manners, as they often are earning a manners badge. However, we are not limited to helping with just the manners badge. We can work with the troop leaders to help the girls earn any one of a number of badges, just let us know which badge you are working toward and we will structure the tea party to fit your needs! If you bring the badges with you, we will hold a short ceremony to honor the girls who have earned them. The tea service itself consists of unlimited beverages served from china tea pots, unlimited finger sandwiches served on tiered stands, and a cake served on a cake plate. As the cake disappears, and the English maids clear the table, the tea party comes to an end. The ladies then change out of their dresses and jewels, but not out of the magical experience at Mrs. Potts Tea Party.

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